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10 - Installing Developer Tools

Tami Judge
posted this on March 2, 2011, 09:47

Installing Developer Tools

Before going any further with the tutorials, it is necessary to install Firebug (or any developer tools of your choice) for the Firefox browser (if you are using Firefox).  This will ensure the ability to inspect elements on a web page without manually inspecting HTML and CSS code.  If Chrome or Safari is your browser of choice, developer tools are automatically installed and already available.  Whether you are using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, all will function similarly when it comes to defining elements for Janova.

Note: To enable Internet Explorer developer tools, open IE and press the F12 key, then click on the “cursor” icon to begin identifying the elements you want to inspect. To enable Safari’s developer tools, open Safari, and then enter its Preferences.  Click on the Advanced tab and check the box next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”  If you are using Chrome, it should allow you to right-click and inspect an element automatically.


1. Open Firefox.



2. Go to

3. Click Install Firebug.

4. Click the latest stable Recommended release.

5. Install it.

6. Restart browser when prompted.


Note: As both Firefox and Firebug release updates, the specific version numbers can and will change.  However, the latest Firebug releases for your configuration can always be found at


We now have all the tools necessary to define our elements in the next tutorial, Verifying Elements That Require Developer Tools.