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09 - Clicking a Link - Page Files

Tami Judge
posted this on March 2, 2011, 09:40

Clicking a Link Page Files

We will also need to define the Page files that were created:



1. Click Pages on the top menu (but make sure you're within the Janova Website Application first).

2. Navigate to the How Janova Works page in the left menu.

3. Click CONTACT element to expand it.



4. Set the Element Type to Link.

5. Set the Location method to “text”.

6. Enter “CONTACT” as the Location String.



7. Click Save Element.

If you would like to check to see if you have entered everything correctly, you can now Go to your Features and click Queue This Scenario (or Queue This Feature) to send the test to the cloud for processing.  If you have followed all the tutorials so far, your Feature results should look like this:




Before continuing on to more involved tasks, it is necessary to install or enable your browser's developer's tools, which we will cover in the next tutorial, Installing Developer Tools.