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06 - Pages

Tami Judge
posted this on March 1, 2011, 14:07


When you create elements in the process of writing a Scenario, these elements are automatically populated into Pages.  These Page files will need to be completed in order for Janova to know how to interact with the Application in question.  For instance, we created an Advanced Search Link element in our Feature, but now we need to define what this means in terms of HTML and site architecture.

At the moment, we only have one element, and we must tell Janova how it can be found and that it is a link.


15.png   1.     Click on Pages in the header.



2.     Click on How Janova Works Link to expand it.

3.     Choose Link from the Element Type drop-down.

4.     Choose “text” from the Location method drop-down.

5.     Enter “How Janova Works” for the Location String.


Note: In our above example, we defined the link simply as a link that has a specific text, but there are many ways to define links (among other elements).  For more detailed information, visit our Glossary pages for element typeslocation methods, and location strings.


To see the results of your work so far, continue on with part seven, Running and Viewing Tests.