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How to handle a self-signed SSL Security Certificate warning in Internet Explorer

Jackson Ridenour
posted this on August 8, 2011, 13:59


This guide explains how to get past the Security Certificate warning screen in Internet Explorer.

Applicable to:

Trying to access an application with an unsigned security certificate.



How to:

  1. Login to Janova
  2. Select which application is to be tested
  3. Go to the Pages tab in the navigation bar
  4. Click on the create New Page button
  5. Name the Page File "Certificate"
  6. Click Save
  7. In the Element Name textfield enter "Contine to this website"
  8. Change the Element Type to a Link
  9. The Location Method should be set to "id" by default
  10. Enter "overridelink" into the Location String textfield.  This was located using the element inspect tool Firebug provided by the Firefox browser.  For more information on inspecting elements please see our tutorials that correspond to each browser:  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  11. Click on Save
  12. Go to the Features tab in the navigation bar
  13. Select which Feature and Scenario will need this syntax or create a new Feature and/or Scenario
  14. Click View Steps
  15. Click Add Step
  16. In the drop down select or type the option for "Click an element if it exists"
  17. Enter "Certificate" into the page textfield
  18. Enter "Continue to this website" in the element textfield
  19. Click Save and Continue
  20. Continue with your test script as normal.
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