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How to use Data Sets (Scenario Outlines)

Jackson Ridenour
posted this on June 8, 2011, 13:50


This guide explains how to use Data Sets within Janova.

Applicable to:

The same set of acceptance criteria that will be used for multiple Scenarios.



How to: 

  1. Create a new Scenario within a Feature in the application you are working on.
  2. Check the Data Sets checkbox just below the Scenario Name header.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Edit the Data Set Names and complete the Variable columns as needed. Variable column names can be changed as necessary by clicking on the column header.
    To rename a Variable column simply hover over the column and the popup will appear.  You cannot delete a column if it is reference in the Scenario steps.  PLEASE NOTE:  Once a column is renamed the page must be refreshed in order for the the new variable name to be recognized in the Scenario steps however the changes will NOT be automatically made.

  5. Once finished defining the Data Sets click on the View Steps arrow.
  6. Begin adding steps to build the Scenario.  This example uses the Google Search functionality and validation of results.
  7. The first variable, Search, will be for the search box field.
  8. The second variable, Expected Result, will be for the results of the search.
  9. Once the Scenario is completed click Done Adding Steps.
  10. Queue the Scenario.
  11. The pink boxes above the Scenario badge displays that Data Sets are in use for this particular job.
  12. In the Completed test page expand the results to view the final test run with corresponding variable inserted.
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